18 August 2012

On a GCU - Only if I close my eyes

This could be
If I close my eyes tight enough 
and focus hard enough
A space ship
A vessel
It could be
Attitude adjuster
or Sleeper Service
Or Peace makes plenty
or even Grey area (aka meat fucker)
with it’s inhabitants
of males females and the in-betweens 
travelling to other galaxy clouds
habitable planets 
leaping from space to hyperspace 
this announcement could be 
of the great mind of the vessel
or it’s avatar
It really could be 
only if I close my eyes 

PS: I have discovered the Culture  , a post scarcity, semi- anarchist utopia consisting of various humanoid races and managed by very advanced artificial intelligences. The vessles have mind of their own and machines are considered persons. The Humanoid can regrow their body part , secrete custom drugs through organs implanted and change sex many many times . Finished my 3rd book and I mostly read in the train.

If you can , try to read a few by Iain M Banks.


  1. This is one of the most advanced poems you wrote. I read it twice to grasp the whole meaning.
    But it's nice work of poetry. Very contemporary.

    Anyways, JP, why don't you have a followers list nor follow button?
    henryblogwalker (මට භිතෙන හැටි) the Dude (HeyDude)

    1. Thank you . I am a bit of a science fiction buff. And after a while I found a thought provoking read in the culture series. As for the followers should add that gadget..thx

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