03 September 2015

Summer's end showers // ගිම්හානය අග වැසි

Earth still damp with 
monsoon tears
long sighs of summer's end
ruffle the tresses

Girls giggle


පොළො  තෙතයි තාම
මෝසම් කඳුලට තෙමුණු
ගිම්හානයේ අග
සුසුම් දිග
අවුල් කරයි කෙහෙරැල්

කෙල්ලන්ගේ කොමළ සිනා
මුකුළු ලතා


  1. Now I have come
    to the point of looking
    for a deeper meaning
    in whatever you write.
    To try to read between the lines
    Have gone too far?
    Now don't you write anything
    with only superficial meaning
    any more?
    To address the stupid
    Like me?

  2. Dude don't assume all what you don't get is complicated and meaningful. May be it's all gibberish..

    Somethings I write for myself. Somethings I share because I think it may be relevant to others. Sometimes I miss.

    The other day , after heavy showers there was a strong gale. And two girls were laughing in the wind. . I came back and wrote this

    1. Dude, you made me feel much better now. All smiles. :D


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