28 September 2015

The Sideburns (Of Colombo)

ඊයේ සටහන හා සබැඳි .

මේ ඒ නිමිත්තට ලියවුනු දෙවැන්න . ලියලා තියෙන්නේ නම් ඉංග්‍රීසියෙන් තමා . එය රස විඳීමට බාධාවක් 
කරගන්න එපා (නොවේවා )

"Sideburns : you know 
that what's left
of Nirwana nights
of guitar rifts
of Iggy pop jams
of a rock and roll past 
Sideburns : you know 
is all what's needed 
to keep it in you
like a shot of 
Rockland rum,.
still alive in your belly 
burning from within"

He says.

He still wears his black leather 
in this balmy Colombo weather

Him and I 
both gaze deep into
the blurred horizon 
The Indian ocean
as she babysits the full moon
as she lulls herself 
to sleep

but I notice 
that the sideburns 
are cut crooked 
are turning grey 
but I 
keep silent


  1. The way you had written this in Sinhala took me by surprise. Like the baby sitting the full moon. Amazing talent.

    1. Thank you. Somethings are best communicated in English. It is a weird feeling. Thinking in Sinhala of Things English and then writing them back in English.

  2. Not only sideburns but also same other burns change the tone when the time come.

  3. Digested two posts together.. Rock is not my favorite but of course that culture and literature on that.. just amazing the way you pen this in to paper.. both in Sinhalese and English. Keep that 'nimiththa' hiding and continue writing on this.. two thumbs up!

    1. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.
      Yes this will get written a few more times atleast


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