31 March 2007

After..Happily ever after

This is a tale
after she was swept away
what ensue, after
“Happily ever after”
She a poor damsel
for whom the young prince fell
Destiny knocks on, at random
waits for the perfect moment, very seldom
she had very little choice
but to ride with him
across the stream
to a far away kingdom

In this small hamlet
by the woods, where one would heed
songs of a ten thousand crickets
as it was every king’s need
they decided
to build their own castle

On the little hill
closer to the Gods
with a view of the valley
would’ve been perfect
(but at that price ),
they just could not afford it

So they settled for a pretty plot,
in the middle of a suburban neighborhood

It was a typical
with high gates & ramparts
incase of an army
or a wandering dragon
there were cannons

This citadel,
one might call a bit odd ,
they had neighbors
So the guards,
in the four towers
wasn’t a necessity, more of a custom

What would
a princess of circumstance
and a prince , bored stiff
do within walls
of thick brick
Gazing in to the sunset
through loopholes
Watching the hues of orange
make patterns on the walls

Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring .
Life just happening ,
while you day dream
In a single candle lit chamber ,
A mother’s loving wisdom ,
passed on to her kin
"Caution, when you close your eyes ,
upon a falling star, you wish .
Cause you just might get ,
what you seek "


  1. Good one! Quite a long one! Interesting and I like the conclusion of it. I have been a regular visitor to your blog and wish you would continue with it,your are talented.


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