10 March 2007

Die.., Romeo must

There was a cowboy
(yes my boy,
every body wants to be a cowboy)

dusty boots , weathered jeans
ruffled hair under his hat
two weeks’ beard covering his chin
the “whole works” , he had that

He’ll ride all day, with the wind
come starry nights, the moon he’ll chase
Him & Juliet
his faithful mare
ebony faced, sympathetic eyes
white patch on the right leg
left ear half torn

His name….
Oh, god
(the strangest this side of Mexico)
Romeo Jones

One hazy autumn day
at high noon
to an inn , he walked
(yes , rightly you’ve guessed )
called the “Lovers’ Cove”

Held his stare
while he opened the swing door
one shot of Whiskey
one glance at the gal
but before the second round
tiny balls of lead
threw him down on the ground

So, the fastest gun in the west
In peace , may his soul rest
On the tombstone,
at the edge of the cactus patch,
they engraved

Romeo, lies.
Cause He just had to die.

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