27 March 2007


This is an egg. with an expiry date ...
egg is life , right ?
then what does that date make...
who put it there?
The man upstairs ? The hen ? somebody else ?
What do you think?
Who came first the hen or the egg ?

Find this really amusing ...


  1. Hey Jaliya, I have been a fan of your pinch point poems. Must say that creativity is something that cannot be acquired - it is there in all of us and we just have to keep practicing and perfecting our creative skills. You are one of those rare, creative and exotic species whose numbers are rapidly dwindling in this world. Keep up the good work and one day you will earn your place amidst the famous poets. Who knows someday my children will read your poetry.

    Ramki - 28Mar2007

  2. Well, my friend . You (and a few others ) have seen my poems from the start . and Your comments have helped immensly in shaping up my act. Thx


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