24 February 2009

It is possible , You know............

This was a phrase Mr.ca used , while scribing about his speaking to a friend who is a LTTE supporter. Well, I said to myself , I’ll be damned , yes it is. Very much possible .
Although the elephant in the room is most often ignored, the conversation is very much a necessity.

It was just yesterday that I let bigotry take the better of me and argued that the so called discrimination of Tamils , is nothing but a delusion. Well, yes and no, 24 hours later I have concluded.

Without knowing, or for that matter, at least without trying to find out what the actual predicament is , I guess no one has the right to dispute the fact. Likewise, nor do I agree on one’s bleating theory based on , something that happened to fall in your ear from somewhere.

Statements chanted long enough become theories and theories repeated long enough become facts. And this,( though itself a theory) is a dangerous trend.

Then later in the evening I heard about the visit to the Anuradahapura hospital. Of the cries of twinge and of the long queue of stretchers, wheelchairs carrying young victims , lined up at the operating theater , which could handle only two patients at any given time. One can not help but ponder , the cost of this war. A generation of amputees ? (or Return on investment in business terms?…that I guess is another story altogether.)

I am sure in a decade or so , when we turn back and look at this punctuation in time we would surely ask ourselves the question was it really worth it? The answer …you tell me

Then she tells me of the old nurse at A’pura hospital, who asked “how CAN we go back home, these boys are like our sons?”. Through the glum reality it dawns , we still are the gentle beings we were . It is just that we let circumstances prevent us from being who we are.

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