08 February 2009

It’s all in the packaging

As many a marketeer would enlighten you, every product , every concept , eventually, lapses it's shelf life. Forcing one to replace , upgrade or make the kill.

War is a Cash cow, so is , the hope of peace (shorter shelf life though).

As long as the demand subsists , It sells.

Kings , marketeers, song writers would develop different models of the same ideology. With the same patriotic foot note. Of the utopian days to come . They would put it on the shelves and with correct marketing, you would create a sufficing demand, and it would sell.

War it self is an abstraction you buy in to .

But the a necessary evil of this game is , you having to choose a side. And it necessarily doesn't mean that it is the ideal. But rules are rules are rules.

Patriots , who gather beyond shores, will consume patriotism fried , devilled & garlic picked, with Chardonnay & merlot to go.

Even the devil's advocates , would make a few shillings, yelling of the vices .

But those "human shield" people ? Did they cheer the wrong team? Were they people who were stuck in the wrong stand? Or are they just an unnecessary hindrance to the game ?

Somebody once told me "There are more people living off a war than dying from it"……………………….

Today our paths crossed again, and he said

"It is all in the packaging"……………………..


  1. Too true.

    Reading Dee Cee's post on Dayata Kirula one realises the extent of the mastery in the packaging.

  2. Yes ..But think about the heroes kill & die part..And war being a game where you have to choose a side

  3. I thought, to start a war one should select a side, ideology, race, religion.. Whatever which can create a lasting spur to fight on.. ……Not necessarily the ideal one
    There is a delicate balance between
    “Patriotism” and “genocide”
    “Tactical withdrawal” and “defeat “
    “Human shield” and “own survival”
    “Federalism” and “Division “


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