14 February 2009

Three tiger tales

Numero Uno, is from Aravind Adigar's book "the white tiger", where he goes to introduce the most infrequent animal in the jungle . But capture , and it looses the stripes .

The inspector pointed his cane straight at me " You , young man , are an intelligent , honest , vivacious fellow in this crowd of thugs and idiots . In any jungle , what is the rarest of animals – the creature that comes along only once in a generation . "

I thought about it and said " The white tiger"

"That's what you are , in this jungle"……….

                    From the "White Tiger" – Aravind Adagar


The next is from a song by the much hyped band -Killers . Who seem to be saying the importance of living free.


Run neon tiger there's a lot on your mind

They promised just to pet you, but don't you let 'em get you

Away, away, oh one

Under the heat of the southwest sun


You took to the spotlight like a diamond ring

They came from the woodwork in the hopes they might

Redeem themselves for poor decisions to win big


Run neon tiger there's a lot on your mind

They'll strategize and name you, but don't you let them tame you

You're far too pure and bold

To suffer the strain of the hangman's hold.

                        Neon tiger- Killers

And the third is a Sri Lankan folk tale about a man who held on to a tiger's tail and could not let it go. How the capturer himself became entrapped.


The full circle.

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