06 April 2010

The Forbidden City - A quartet ...................... (Part 1) The Gate of Heavenly Peace

In the thick of the somber night
while the chamberlains
the chambermaids
the cooks
even the eunuchs
and the concubines
while the whole land

The child king is wide awake and dreams

In his long narrow bed
he lies and dreams
of a more freer place 
beyond the palace  walls
even beyond the great wall
to follow a shooting star to the end of the land 
to see the flying fish leap
glistening in the moon light 
to hear the mermaid songs 

The ministers are gathering outside the gate 
in their gowns
with their red  lanterns 
awaiting the great bell to ring 
to be allowed through
to the next gate

A  young girl
the 53th wife of  Guangxu
wonders of her fate 
in centuries to come
of the man
who will lead
an army of red ants
through the gates
and oust an emperor 
set a cricket free of his golden cage

And one day
whose picture
will be hung over
The Gate of Heavenly Peace.

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