05 April 2010

Peking , Beijing and BJ

                                           Beijing Skyline

Here I am. 

Beijing dust wiped off my feet and with a good 6 hours of sleep, after.
I have edited the photos and they are good to go. So bear with me , for a few posts hereafter, I will talk of Beijing.

Of what I saw ,  what I heard and especially the feelings , the memories that are sketched in my mind . 

I have my little notes in my note book and the photos  downloaded to the PC, but the memories are bit hazed at this stage. Now all I have to do is to weave them altogether and build the story (so to say).

As a starting point here are some pictures , to set the mood.

I think I can safely say I was awed by some things . Was disbelieving of some others . And was plain perplexed by a few .

Mao’s old Beijing which was built on the cultural revolution , overthrowing the ancient Peking of the emperor was  slowly stepping a side to give way to new “BJ “ , of fast cars , night clubs and  Beauty salons.
I am just pondering about the phrases “people’s power” and “freedom of choice” ….which leaves me in a quite a bewildered state. I will try to explain it in a later post.

                                View from Dragon lady's Palace of the old and the new BJ

                                 Old Beijing gives way to the new BJ

As for the most interesting thing in any city , the people …
Well they seemed like any other city’s folk.
Moving fast, trying to make sense of things ,  continuously searching for that lost sense of connection / perspective ,
struggling to survive ……………
Yet trying to keep a smile on their faces

As an added bonus, T & D  enjoyed the trip thoroughly.  They also seemed to enjoy traveling . 
It is strange how different people seem to build their own stories on the same journeys we share .

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