24 April 2010

Volca de Santa Magarida

*      In the times of volcano eruptions , I came across this small church . In a travel column in the Sunday papers  couple of weeks ago.

Volca de Santa Magarida. It is a small stone church in  the middle of the volcano. When you digest and go pass the first hit of surrealism in the whole concept , you tend to wonder.  My hasty googeling hasn't given me much information . May be you can tell me .

Who would put up a church in the middle of crater waiting to explode with Lava and the scorching wrath from the earth’s belly. For the moment semblance of tranquility prevails.

Like a blessed nail on  the devil’s coffin , hindering (or is it mere delaying), his escape.

Whatever it is , it speaks volumes about the faith of the people who built it there. Maybe in case of      apparent catastrophes , that is all that could be done.

Have faith.

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