18 August 2010

Monologue- Jaffna waiting

Let me tell you upfront
have never been to

But, I have

These days
Things are good
 I hear
is among the
sweet drinks
green lanka lime ,
sunset orange barley

Ignore the floor panel
made of empty carton
where 50 rocket shells came from

Pottu on her brow
The light house
covered with a


Dialog ? really?

Monologue ?

Jaffna listening
for the cue for her to speak.

PS: This is a first . I have never explained my poems .  This is based on stories I heard from people who have visited Jaffna . That is what most us living beyond shores do . Exchange travel stories . And relish later. The story of dialog is based on the fact that the light house on point pedro is covered by two transmitting towers put up by Dialog . I found that to be ironic.

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