01 August 2010

A Pollonnaruwa Dawn

546hrs , Waiting for the cue 

@ bank of Prakrama Samudraya

I am here.

 Waiting . 
For the sun rise . To take the perfect capture . 
They are waking up . thousands of bird calls fill the space , as if they are waiting for the cue to  fly to the stage I am trying to gather the lilt of this moment.

0551hrs, The Show 

 Still at the bank of Prakrama Samudraya



Then it suddenly happens.

Out of the grey, the golden streaks spread across the gloomy backdrop.

Rips in the  somber drape covering the heavens . 

I  think of the girl yesterday at Gal viharaya , covering  the rip in her worn out frock with her bag.

Before you know,  it  is day. 

I thought sunrise is an affair that takes much longer.

0620hrs , The mirrored lake 

Walking along  the banks

I am walking along the edge of the tank .  The fishermen are pulling their net home.|Never ending net , a hue of slight pink in the glistening sun, punctuated by occasional fish.

They offer to take me in their boat, I refuse.
His silhouette form is prominent in the glistening water . The water looks an far spread mirror, reflecting the trees  and the ever present pitch black Seru .

0637hrs, The urge to jump in 

Walking along the canal now

The water is gushing in the many canals that take the flloding water from Prakkarama Samuddraya. The rain gods have been generous this season. Water looks refreshingly cold , the two banks are lush green. 

I should have brought a towel and a change of clothes .

0648hrs, If you ignore it it will go away

Near a GNT (Gaanu nana Thana – Where women bath)

The blue kinghfisher is unfazed by my presence ,  but the  folk bathing nereby are a bit uneasy by the man with a camera in his hand. 
If you ignore it , it will go away

0650hrs, The Perfect Picture

near the 2nd makeshift bridge

The deep green, the clear water  and the make shift bridge, The colour scheme gets disturbed  by the white uniforms crossing .
Yet it fits in somehow.

0710hrs ,What do little ones know 

past the 2nd makeshift bridge

The uniforms are blueish white. I assume because of the washing blue  used to whiten them. 
A small basket of flowers in their hands , presume it is for the  “mal pooja” in the morning .
The Akka  blushes away , but the nangi is full of smiles . 

What do small ones know. 


  1. I miss my paradise island...!!!

  2. Is home-sick the opposite of sick of home?


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