30 July 2010


Do you remember 

seated at her feet 
in her loving embrace
spread much beyond the portico 
beyond the gravel  yard 
past the small shrine for Buddha and the million of deities 
even beyond the wathusudda plant
of deep green leaves and the whitest blooms

Do you remember
the fragrance of temple flowers
Sandalwood incense 
swirl  around 
in a haze
The solitary flame
of God’s lamp
glows red on her furrowed face 
when the she says her twilight prayers
in an ancient language
only god’s would fathom

Do you remember
her  stories
and tender 
that gave flight to a child’s chimera 
Tranquilly to a naïve youth 
Soothing to a weeping heart
Wisdom to an all known sage  

on many a monsoon  dusks 

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