27 July 2010

One of my favourites

This was taken at the Dalada Maligawa in the morning.

For some reason , I love this one


  1. may be your ancestors would have walked the same passage..!! No wonder you feel attached when you descend from that line of blood.( PA's)

  2. I remember going to maligawa even as a kid , every time we went my grandparents place . The coldness of the stone floor on my bare feet. . Maybe it is more of that than the ancestory . But this morning light was absolutely breathtaking. BTW did you know PA was the architect of this building?

  3. No I did not know ...Where did you find that piece of information? .. .... so for how long PA had been attached to the kings court ? because Maligawa was built by 2 kings not only by Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe.

    Hey do you have any of PA's original documents , letters , court notes , seals or anything handed down your family...

    BTW ... is that blood line continuing strongly ?

  4. PA served under 2 kings . First under kirthi Sri then under Sri wickrama. Story has it that he was instrumental in getting Sri wickrama to the throne. Under kirthi Sri only he designed the maligawa. You may be knowing that he was killed by Sri wickrama long before 1815. It was his only son who was caught along with keppetipola and banished to mauriatus with ehelepola.

    PAs blood line ( as per the records at least) ended there

    Other details let's discuss over a email if you like . Drop a mail.


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