18 July 2010

Things that make me go :)

It was an open tag and I am still having Colombo sand on my flip-flopped size 11 feet. I tell you it is damned hard to find size 11 flip-flops in Colombo . But that's another story and I digress . So here's my list

A long dip in trinco sea (early morning and in pigeon island preferably.

Followed by a long lazy afternoon. Some pashona & vodka would be nice

White rice, mallung, fish and chillie prawns

Wearing well worn jeans and flip-flops

Getting the time to write for 1hr, getting something good after the hour

Catching a perfect sun set and enjoying till the dark pulls over

String hoppers

A good photograph


Good old rock music

A hug from my little girl

Got to go my vodka pashona awaits


  1. That was a lovely list. Trinco is one of those places I've always felt home at. Despite our constant visits though, I've never made it out of bed in time for a sunrise.

    Ps: Psssst. From one big foot to another, check the DSI at crescat out. They have a brand of flip flops called 'Waves' which come in large sizes. Also, Arugumbay thongs easily have large sizes.

  2. Thanks GF. Yes trinco is now one of my top 3 favourite places in SL. Should check the waves (DSI) out


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