23 July 2010

What's the story Colombo

These were written within 4 days in Colombo . Between mandatory visits, chunks of Shehan's amazing book, 32 degrees of sweltering heat, lumprice and lime juice from green cabin (try it), a lazy afternoon at barefoot garden and looking forward for a wonderful holiday. (sulk..that seems ages ago). The photos and writing might not seem connected to each other , but they do.

What's the story Colombo dawn
what do you bring in today
to this town
of long names and long waits

What's story ?
You who smiles at me from the church window
Your face divided to quarters , by the tempered church glass
Your stained teeth smile
Helplessness, hope
a child in general hospital
or a dying kidney

What's the story?
you in faded army drab
peering through my half rolled down shutter
very timidly asking for the identity card
You happy it is over
You lost
You trying to keep the fast dying custom alive?

What's the story ?
Of you
telling me
of lumprice deal
"famous" you say of lime juice
You trying to sell an image of a country
or just a packet of rice
A colored cotton shirt

What's the story you two
Discussing theory
beneath the frangipani tree
It is not theory in your eyes sister
I can see it
you playing with your tussles
You hope sister you hope
he will

What's story?
Of this guy WG
or this guy mathews
who spins it both ways

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