28 August 2010

The week was .....

Oh my goat
The protest over the sacrifice of animals at a kovil did not , for some reason , hit right through to me. The images of  goats  and chicken being lined up in hundreds,  for sacrifice on the temple court yard ,  were forwarded to my inbox . And the saffron robes and  placards condemning the act have apparently gathered up the along lane adjoining the temple..

These images , triggered another  , from some time ago , to play in my head . An image of dark young men ,  bare bodied waist up,  standing in a column at police park , for the initial screening to join the Army .  Two weeks of basic  training and off they went directly to the  trenches in the north . At a time when the battle strategy was to send  more boys than  they could shoot down, most of them probably did not last the first 6 months unscathed.
Funny I do not seem to remember any protesters in the vicinity.

The Miss?...
Saw the short video of  the Island’s participant answering three questions  as a promo for the “beauty” spectacle.. Obviously shaken, and uncomfortable with the language she was  using  she looked to put on a brave face while she tries  to take on the world .
Below the moving picture , the comments ran long.
Some agitated , some finding it amusing and some carving words prompting from their view  through  patriotism tinted glasses.  
I am with stirred sentiment alright ,  but not very definite whether to smile or cry.

Since the things have settled
He was a self proclaimed refugee.  Who claimed to have paid 2.5 million to travel the ocean  in a fishing boat to some forgotten shore in south china and crossed the border over land. Who’s earlier story of a family and a grown up daughter  back at home  some how effected our emotions when he announced couple months after  that he has married the pretty lass who used to accompany him and who was introduced as a  cousin. He was our beloved Sri Lankan food man . Who could cook up most home land specialties that our homesick hearts craved . And delivered to our doorstep with Sri Lankan punctuality .

Monday he called to say , he is going back home . “Now that the things have settled “, he said.
Through  the mixed emotions filling up my heart , I could hear
” it must have been good , but it’s over now “
a line from a forgotten song play in my head over and over.


  1. Brilliant one...!

  2. Well my friend you know the unwritten parts too

  3. I dont eat meat but I still think that protest was silly. Hmm wonder how many of the protesters were vegetarians.

  4. I had this corny joke running that they had chicken fried rice packets mid day...

  5. Good one .. !! .. BTW any idea how much is a Kilo of Mutton in SL now ? .


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