04 March 2011

Here’s a thought .

Thinking back on what happened in Egypt & Tunisia . And what is happening in Libya & other place.

You know the drill.
Mobilize people , coordinate via Twitter , Face book groups , Media Circus. Decide when to get world leaders to make crucial statements . When to get Nobel Laureates to join in . It can’t be too early nor too late.

Goal , outset a dictator .
To wIn purest form of democracy.

Now you know this is not all what it seems . Like the effervesant air bubbles or the condensation droplets drawn on a coke can, it is bit about the right packaging & marketing as well.

So what if we brandise and commercialize this concept. Enter a service provider .

Revolution consultantsy services .

And charge to handle a revolution in your country

It is about the commerce anyways . What say you ?

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