08 March 2011

Little girl goes camping...first time away from home

Three T shirts . Three pair of shorts . Item number 3 & 4 of a long list are washed and hung to dry. The weight of wet garments seem to pull down on ones mood , ones heart.

Six more days .

Anxiety breeds more rapidly than mold and hang to the damp facade of the white walls.

Mornings of long blank stares . Abrupt embraces for no clear reason . All add a different tinge to daily life’s flow.

It will be just two nights and then it will be over , so she says .

The elephant in the room is ignored for most of the time.

I clasp my hands , bow my head and close my eyes to say the 6 lines of the usual prayer ,

In a flash my father appears from the other side.

“ Live the moment boy, not everybody get’s the chance”

He says

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