21 March 2011

Universal right to hang out to dry

Sir do you know
how hazardous it is to go out
when the sirens cry
with the international response falling down
through the roofs
sieving walls
 making craters
on the road leading to the mosque

All the dust , tears ,  sweat, pain
and blood stains
needed so much scrubbing
Bombs rouse so must dust
How can I get my laundry done ?
one  can never hang  washed clothes out
in this weather

Sir , is it true
all this so to
lesson a dictator
For he did not heed
to your command , to leave?

Damp clothes are  piling up
In my dark cellar
Where on clothes-lines
little dresses and  blue underpants hang
where we hide when the iron birds fly low
and eat dry bread

Sir I do fathom
that this is needed for the  day
the day when the sun will shine brighter
and the Ramadan moon will hang
lower in the sky
Pardon me sir
smell of freedom is a bit pungent
amidst the mildewed walls
But I will wait sir,
Till that day

But can you tell me
how long it will take?
till people’s rights prevail

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