01 April 2011

Mrs Perera's Worldcup

02Apr11, 1030 hrs , 4 hours to toss

Mrs Perera took her “heart medicine “ well in advance . For today is the last one, in Bombay. (This Mumbai , Chennai business is still alien to her) .

Should get ready for the evening. Will order string hoppers from the boutique down the road for today, she makes the dinner plans in her mind.

Doolage Thaththaa , Chicken curryda , Fish curryda ada raata one?”
She checks her husband’s preference.

1130am, 3hrs to toss

She meets Soma near the old Maara tree. At the exact place where once there was a Army checkpoint stands a cutout of the great Sri Lankan Spinner. In his bowling stride , snapped wide eyed , just before he delivers one of his deceiving deliveries.

The check point mentality and lifestyle have waned since the last over in Nandikadal . The loud cheer that was once for the heroes in camouflaged fatigue, seem to have re-emerged for the boys in blue.
Lalani, Angelo is not playing lu ane , they have sent Vaas to play” She shares some latest information her son in law has picked up from Cricinfo.com.

E unata he has not played any games ne “ Mrs Perera is concerned

“His daughter goes to the same school as menaka’s little one ne “ Soma draws a connection . “One day I saw him at the school gate , He is looking very fit men “. Soma defends with a straight bat

“ Hopefully we will win this one “ Soma speaks her nerves.

“I made a vow for 25 buns to St Anthony also Lalani “ Soma takes stand confidently . For today, it seem in Srilanka’s corner will stand a few deities and a few saints, led by the ordained one from Padua .

1400 hrs – after the toss ,
umpires walking in to the middle

“Achchi , are you watching Cricket ?”
Mrs Perera’s Grand daughter queries in her alien accent over the telephone lines

. “Yes yes , I was just saying my evening prayers early duwa, and after that I will sit to watch the match, are you watching the match too ? “She consciously speaks slowly with double spaces in between her words , so that the young girl could gather

“Yes we are going for a Cricket party now , and Achchi I am wearing my Sri Lanka T shirt “

“ She is going to a Cricket Party “ Mrs Perera précis for her husband’s benefit , who has been standing behind her for any information that spills .

2000hrs – 24.4 overs , 2nd session

“Me , eka no ball nemeyda?” (isn't that a no ball)
Mrs Perera reverts to her husband for a better judgment.

Mr Perera , after obtaining permission to have a few shots of Arrack today, has
(As per Mrs Perara’s records) smuggled 3 glasses of carefully poured two finger widths of Mendis’ brew filled with Elephant house Soda so far .

Since finishing the last shot , his calling for runs , rearranging of the rest of the batting order and expert insights have gone quiet

“Ara ayeth damma , There he did that again , Thawa podden it would have hit Dilshan’s head “ She turns to the arm chair as she launch another loud appeal.

“Not out “ Mr Perera ,mumbles in his sleep.

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