13 October 2012

On a day like today..

On a day like today 
I could close my eyes 
and dream of  a tiny star

in a lonely nook
of a distant galaxy 

While the walls
that kept your composure
The light 

that burnt
within thy heart
to the nothingness

On a day like today
I open my eyes
and know
that even though I see you
You’ll be already


  1. Oddly enough, dude, I also have had the same thoughts while star-gazing, like... this star I seen now would have been gone a thousand years ago.

    My dad helped me in this, talking about galaxies.

    As usual, I don't know what was on your mind when you wrote this. :D
    henryblogwalker (මට භිතෙන හැටි) the Dude (HeyDude) and මගේ ඩෙනිම My Blue Jeans

  2. Same experience dude. My father and me...we too used to star gaze and talk for hours.... Read an interesting theory , where say how the light keeps on reflecting and we get to see over and over again......that's another thing to think about...as for what was on my mind when I wrote this...it is actually not important. What is important is what it makes you think :) ....but if you must know , I was thinking about my father....

    1. I felt a lump in my throat, dude. My lost my gather to Kidney failure in 1995. I still miss him. Even now. After typing this the screen blotted out.
      henryblogwalker (මට භිතෙන හැටි) the Dude (HeyDude) and මගේ ඩෙනිම My Blue Jeans

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  4. I think you wrote that story somewhere... Remember reading it. The older we grow the more we seem to need the.

    my story I wrote somewhat here http://pinchpoints.blogspot.hk/2012/08/blog-post_10.html


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