02 November 2012

Predicament with magpies

One for sorrow
Two for joy
my grandmother
sometimes would tell
Of magpies

Now that you’ve
arrived at my day
little bird
guess I too should
try to spot your beloved
tragedy would come forth
My way


  1. Awesome!
    JP, I think you could explain this 'myth' or 'superstition' about seeing magpies and forecasting the future, for the benefit of the non Sri Lankans who happen to read this. This could be alien to them.
    A footnote, perhaps!
    henryblogwalker (මට භිතෙන හැටි) the Dude (HeyDude) and මගේ ඩෙනිම My Blue Jeans

  2. actually it's a myth spread in most cultures . Hence the rhyme
    "one for sorrow
    two for joy
    three for a girl
    four for a boy
    five for silver
    six for gold
    seven for secret never to be told "


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