12 December 2012

The truth about trains

Psst. Let me get you in  on a secret . 

You know , every morning when you get in that sliding door in to the 8:15…..23 minutes travel time ..just in time to work. Well you do not travel anywhere .

Scuffy hair , old torn clothes . Stench ..(of wisdom?)..I knew the type .

“The train, sir , with all it’s  compartments is nothing but a retraining device. Much like the “Tardis”. And like my  time machine”
He points at his cardboard box . An old box which once would have held  a large home appliance. May be a fridge or  washing machine.

“You got to have a sharp mind, sir.  You gotta have the right mind set to see through all this “
He whispers  . Why is this happening to me today .. I wonder.

“For 23 minutes , they hold you in .
 Hide what’s is going around you .
While the set is being changed . While the supporting cast get in to place . While they adjust the light and the sounds . To keep the scenery going. To allow you to live the dream and  dream of life .”
"Now you might ask me ..How do they change all that …
 I have seen how they do it …Oneday I have opened the doors  with my hands and ran out side to see it.  

I could picture that scene .
And I saw …..

But  that is for another time my friend .  one revelation at a time."

Of course.

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