30 June 2014

In transit ( a story in transit)

Another flight, and here I am engaged in my favourite pastime for these times. People watching. Today's project capture some random people and write their story. So here goes...

තවත් ගුවන් ගමනක් . මම ආයෙත් මගේ පරන නරක පුරුද්දේ යෙදිලා. ඔන්න මම හිතා ගත්තා මේ සැරේ , ගන්න පින්තූර, ලියන්න පොඩි කතාවක් ඒවා වටේ. ඔන්න මගේ සැකිල්ල. වැඩිය සිරියස් ගන්න එපා. නිකන් පාලුවට වගේ ලියපු එකක් නේ. බාසාව  ප්‍රශ්නයක් කර ගන්න එපා.

Captain James T sits patiently. It is a long journey that awaits him. But he won't feel the time. He will be put to astro sleep. For years he will sleep. 

"You wont feel a thing " the olive skinned flight attendant with the nasal voice said , he remembered.
"But wont my mind be alive? won't I feel?"
"Guess so." Her answer was more profound than she intended it to be.

But when he arrives at his distant destination, a large moon slightly smaller than the planet it has bound itself by gravity, he would have his work cut out

 Will anybody recognize me? 
He wonders. 
As far as the world or the government records are concerned "Black death" is officially dead. yet another rebel and an activist succumbed to his cause , before any real impact could be made. But this was the only way.
" A ride to another galaxy. Escape in to the dark eh?"
she asked as she lay her head heavy on his chest.
"Something like that ."

He could see the man seated in the front row. May be military. He makes a mental note. Definitely travelling in first class. Astro sleep and all. Unlike the cattle class, where , apart from your food queues and toilet queues , you just grow old.


 She sits composed .As always. She is trained for this. She takes another glance at the photo in her phone. Before he gets on the shuttle. A single kill shot . She goes through the instructions. Again.

Mr Bank's lights up a cigar. Cuban. Nice. The essence of scotland and essence of Hawana meets in his head. This is going to end fine afterall. From him seat in the VIP lounge He can see "agent O " seated. One of these moments, she would get up and do what she does best. So swiftly even before her victim realises that he is dead, he will be.
By the time Mr Bank's can finish his drink it will be all over. What a pity. Another drink would be nice.


  1. My God. You let your mind do the walking, huh. And you are crazier than I thought, he he!

  2. Some say, I am one part introvert two parts crazy :)


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