03 January 2009

01 Jan

What does a bloke who spends his new year’s eve on a tram car , do on the following day ? you would have wondered. (Well wonder no more amigos) .

He would take up on climbing 400 steps to a monastery to see 10000 Buddhas. Actually 13800 , and no two are supposed to be exact.

Well, it was meant to be in the lines of a blessing .

Yes I hear your loud bawls , of how fallacious that sounds . Especially the , “ The new year is what you make of it ..” cry punctuated by the short hits to the toms and exclamation on the crash cymbal.

Well, true …but

This ain’t mere superstition. I guess it is , more like one part habit, two parts faith . …

For long as I can remember , this is what I remember doing on a 1st of Jan . This what I remember thinking of as feckless in my 7 year old , 8 year old , 9 year old mind , every 1st morning while I derange my daily schedule. Back in colombo.

But.. Now this is what I feel most contented doing on a 1st of January .

So tell me what do YOU do ?

10000 blessings

The wise men

Door handle


The Pagoda & the monastary , Shatin

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