13 January 2009

It must mean something, surely

Days have passed since the surge of write-ups in the blogosphere, the eulogies in the weekend papers and many a discussions you would have had with like minds or unlike minds (if you are liberal). May be you would have read the much circulated editorial, the dead man's view, as well.

I have mulled over much, on putting my thoughts to words , but for some reason I was not impelled enough to do so .. Don't get me wrong I too have had my share of arm-chair scrutiny of the plight and I too have the perfect plan to take Sri Lanka towards Utopia (like most ). I too have had my share of short pangs of patriotism, which does give one quite a rush. (Then I remember , Patriotism, that was Hitler's excuse too.).

Then I read RD's post which ended "Surely it must mean something".

The gears within started moving. I felt like an simple experiment. I started querying friends, family and myself , what does it really mean?

One simple question was thrown. What is the first image you get , when somebody says "Sri Lanka."

Despite my sample not being perfect.( I had nobody who said "Sunday fare , Trincomalee town" , within my inner circle. ), the list was extensive and diverse

Following are some examples

String hoppers
Pol Sambol,
Sipping an Elephant house Cream Soda, Barefoot Garden Cafe
Hikkaduwa beach by moon light
Mount Lavinia beach on a Sunday evening
The friendly neighborhood immigration officer at BIA
Cheese Kottu , Pillawoos
Main Bus Stand, Galle town
The old Ronio'd map of Sri Lanka map which was sold for Rs 2 in 80's
Late morning cup of plain tea on a sunny morning at the Verandah, Battaramulla
Smell of Kade Paan

Sri Lanka . The way each of us can grasp.
Sri Lanka. The way each of us like to remember.
Sri Lanka. The each of us have experienced.
Sri Lanka . The way each of us feel.

None making better sense than the other . None absurd than the other. …what is it for you?

PS: For some reason, for me , it is my mother's face …Now I kind of know , what it means to me. Surely.


  1. lovely post!!
    I have to admit.... these are the actual memories we will hold onto no matter how much we tend to bitch about this country,

  2. Polonnaruwa-Habarana road
    Nuwara Eliya Cargills
    Nittabuwa “ Pol-attu Kade” – Pork Curry
    And of course……CR & FC Bar

  3. MyP-Thank you

    Hill C A Pitto- Actually Finding parking at Nuwaraeliya parking. Pol athu kade Pork curry, Yes!

  4. JP _ For that matter in front of any cargills in SL.. ..In that case how about “kind traffic cops” where you can pay the fine on the spot.. Only country in the world...basically they have stream line the judiciary..
    I like your Nanu Oya station photos , I haven’t been there for a long long time

  5. Ella, Yala, Kala-Wewa and Horton Plains...a welter of faces of friends and family. Gal Vihare before the crowds and the 'roof.' More recently sinking below the green waters and seeing the ocean floor come up...


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