27 January 2009

Philosophy of the noodles

Master Po once said , behold and embrace the reality of a bowl of noodles. Between sips of jasmine tea , while you inhale to make your mouth taste sweet , focus on the philosophy.

The first mouthful tastes so drab and the fetid soup is hard to get used to. The texture is a bit mire for one to cherish . Then after a while something happens. You get used to it. May be it grows on you. It does not taste that.

The people who heard this wisdom, decoded this in diverse ways. Some said he was talking about Chinese damsels. Some thought it was about the aberrant customs of the far east.

But what Master Po says only master Po knows . But every once in a while something happens and one reminisces about the philosophy of the noodles.

BTW today is the second day of the lunar new year and the cherry blossoms have their first spring shoots out.

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