10 January 2009

To be a photographer

I've bought the leather jacket.

Cause it's about the disposition for the most part.

Then an old canvass bag or even a weathered leather one would do to hold the gear. With an outside pouch for the shiny flask of rum. Moroccan .

I was torn between long hair and a shaved head, and settled on the latter. But my original choice of a five o clock shadow stays. As said earlier, attitude counts.

May be twice week I might have to lift few pounds of iron to toughen my hands. "Steady hands" , the masters say.

Now only the minor details like camera , needs to be organized.

Rest is straightforward. Through the view finder you gaze. Hold your gasp and release the shutter.

And end it with a gulp of rum.


  1. Hey man, I am getting rather annoyed with you.:)

    You've picked my initials to start with.

    Then you add insult to injury by taking the second half of my Call Sign as your blog name.

    And a Beancounter to boot.


    How come? I'm a Bit surprised by the coincidence.

  2. Well coincidence it is. But I have little choice on the initials as I went with my actuals. let me have long thought on it..But mate, pinch points HAVE to stay....By the profile description, I get it that you are vertically blessed as well..

  3. well look up sir, 20 degrees , that's me!


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