13 October 2011

Death of stars

Some stars
glow the brightest towards their end
owning the skies
stretched over many a nights
they shine
oh they shine
for light years to come
wiping out all the traces
of the others being
and when they die
oh when they die
the void in the skies
make men avenge their deaths
and women
wail for days
time flows
through the valley of space
and drown
the memory of 
 the bright glow
 that once was

Some stars
go silently
like the tender waft
distressing only a few tresses
on a long autumn dusk
Not unsettling
the night’s arrangement
of light patterns
None to pine
No wailing
for their demise
Just a lone teary eyed widow missing
Oh yes she is still  missing
the gentle being he was
But one day
someone will  gaze up
and realize
the empty spot
where a twinkling once hung

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