05 October 2011

I am ...But..

Here’s where it is arising from,  I read this guy ,  John Acuff ,  about people’s dreams , their dream jobs  and aspirations they keep secured deep within their hearts .( Now “secured” is a funny word to use in this context as dreams are supposed to be dreamt out. Given wings to soar, not  kept tucked inside nooks in one’s heart or any other place that light rarely reaches ).

Mr Acuff goes on to say how we fly our dreams at times , for brief moments , like a kite . Loosening our grip on the line , so that it can soar a bit , and then pull it back the instant we feel  losing  control  and creep back in to our day jobs and to do a reverse superman ( Like Superman changing back in to Clerk Kent.

And when somebody asks us why , we say  “Oh yes I’d rather be …But…” . 
So my reflection in to what  I’d rather be doing now and the but , ended up something in the lines of
Want to travel to cities , take photos and write the stories I see … But.. I am stuck in a cubicle earning a living

Then started asking the question from people. Started imagining the stories of the people I see , I meet and sometimes never met. Here goes the list . I am not trying to be  judgmental but imagining the many stories we rarely tell .

Can you identify somebody you know. Can you identify you?

I’d rather be falling in love But I am reading Daniel Steel                (The Girl in the train, opposite seat) 

Want to grow orchids But I am going to meet yet another client for 15% commission sale
(Guy in pinstripe suit and thin tie)

Want to be happy But I am envious
Want to play tennis But it is still 4 o clock                               (Two desks in front of me)

Want to eat spicy Crab Curry  listening to the waves But  my relief just delivered twins .

Want to slap you across your face but I love you                (once saw in the eyes of a very patient

Want to cry today But people are watching                          (a mother stunned for response , when
                                                                                           queried about her son)

Want to win this lottery so bad but I forgot to by a ticket

Wanted to retire at 40 return home and read papers at 10 oclock every morning
but  need to send by son is a bright kid and need to send him to Oxford

Want to dream loud but I am frightened
                               (55 year old closet violinist)

I want  a dog but mummy says no                                            (My favourite 9 year old)

I want to marry her , build a small house with square windows and floral curtains . Want to water the “miris Patthiya “( Chillie pepper plants) in the morning and watch her making tea but where’s the money

I want to have 3 children . An eldest a daughter and then a son and the youngest a daughter, but where the time  (The lady hugging the Prada hand bag)

I am an artist but I make burgers
                                   (Skinny kid at Mcdonalds)

The air does not smell burnt gun powder any more but my heart isn’t any lighter.
(Thangamani @killinochchi)

Is there anything that you wish you’d be rather be doing now .  A person you wish you’d  rather be .
something you feel you should’ve done or not done.

 So what is your “I am ..But” ?.

Please do share your story

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