21 February 2013


Poems are born from
Pain, they say
unholy unite of
pain and sorrow
end up in the birth
of poems

But poems are
a different species
I think
who are born
And hang on to the edge
of your heart
like tadpoles
at the pond's edge
Waiting silently
most of the time
To roam in the darkness
of sorrow and pain


  1. I was just wondering
    if you forgot
    the poems of happiness,
    or that is the
    whole point of this poem
    or the poems
    born out of happiness
    are not poems
    at all!

    1. Poems born out of any feeling is poem. I am with you on that. What this was directed at was that, poems are not born out of pain . But they are always there but often surface in dark times.

      Somebody said ( can't remember who) that every one is born a poet ...


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