04 January 2012

Calling of the Esala moon

These are Bhodisatva carvings of Buduruwagala. Lovely place, the story yet hidden in the mist of the past. Some say they are of the mahayana tradition, dating towards the end of the Anuradapura period . Mahayana   and Theravada are quite different to what we think they are . May be Theravada could end up to be the practical interpretation of the earlier . A lite version of sort .  No conclusions , just thinking out loud.

As for the poem, may be all of us are waiting for the calling of our own Esala moons.

They are waiting
with their Kanthakas  saddledup
to ride in to the silver moon shadow
of a calm Poya night
treading softly through the cobblestoned street s
lest  it will wake a  new mother and her son
to leap over the flowing tresses
of their Nirajana 
pregnant with the monsoon rain
hooves treading gently on the soft earth
soaked with tears the heavens wept

They are waiting
for the calling
of their Esala full moon

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