07 January 2012

When the Peacocks dance/ මොනරු නටන හැන්දෑවේ

So there we were, around 6 o clock in the evening, the dusk  was  about us , forwarning of the moon’s reign about to fall upon us. We were on our way back from Buduruwagala , an ancient temple complex  located about 4 km’s  from Thanamalwila road , where a large Buddha statue and 6 other statues which are believed to be of the  Bodisatvas and his consorts are carved on to a rock. We passed the water logged vegetation along the bumpy narrow road. On the side a waterhen and her 3 chicks dashed in to the trees. 

We were approaching the clearing where the gravel road  ran through the gentle green paddy fields . The rainy season has treated them well. Then we saw it .

A Peacock in full spread, performing his mating tango among the lush green of the paddy field . There were more . There were 4 , 5 male Peafowls scattered around the field taking their turn in doing their solo’s. 

The grey sky , the emerald fields and the blue –green hues of  the birds painted such a lovely sight. 

Undoubtedly this was one of the most stunning sights I have ever seen. Our eyes have had done good karma to see such things. 

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